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Spiked Vegan Peppermint Hot Chocolate!

Spiked Vegan Peppermint Hot Chocolate! is the only way I like my hot chocolate this winter. I can only have so much ‘regular’ hot chocolate before I get super sick of it. This drink has a twist of peppermint, and vanilla or whipped cream vodka to warm you up from the inside out. Not to mention, it’s done in less than 10 minutes! Perfect for a quick fix. ­čśë

In Portland, it’s been pretty cold. However, last year we were in the throws of some major snow storms at this time so I’m thankful that I’m not reliving that! It was fun for the first few days of fireplace, mimosas, snow forts, and sleds, and then it got too cold and old for my bones. After all, I left NY to escape NY winters! I’m hoping for a sprinkling of white flakes on Christmas day and that’s it. My snow quota is still super saturated from last year’s winter. Anyway, I LOVE my Spiked Vegan Peppermint Hot Chocolate! by the fireplace in my pj’s, with friends, or with a favorite holiday movie (A Christmas Story, anyone?). I’m ‘a gonna keep this post short ‘n’ sweet. Warm your soul, rouge those cheeks, and slowly slurp up this deliciousness. Happy holidays! Cheers! -FGG XO
















































Spiked Vegan Peppermint Hot Chocolate!
Yields 1
Spiked Vegan Peppermint Hot Chocolate! is creamy, boozy, and delicious on any cold day. Done in less than 10 minutes. Enjoy the holiday warmth! Cheers!
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Total Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 1 C vanilla almond milk
  2. 1/2 C chocolate peppermint almond milk (I bought mine from Trader Joe's)
  3. 1.5 oz either vanilla vodka OR whipped cream vodka
  4. 1 Tbl unsweetened cocoa powder
  5. 2 tsp sugar (I used raw)
  6. Soy or coconut whipped cream for topping
  7. Optional: crushed up candy cane and small marshmallows for topping (TJ's marshmallows are vegetarian/vegan)
  1. Heat a small pot on medium and pour in both almond milks
  2. Once warm, stir in cocoa powder - mix well
  3. Stir in sugar - mix well
  4. After about 3 minutes (or until warm) turn off heat
  5. In a large mug, pour the shot of vodka (1.5 oz) and then top with contents in pot
  6. Top with whipped cream, candy cane, and marshmallow
  7. Done!
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