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Vegan Party Platter

Vegan Party Platter… where to begin. I make one every time I have a party, a playgroup, or a gathering of any kind of vibe. Now, I have no idea why it’s never occurred to me that I should properly photograph these beauts!  This fabulous spread deserves professional pics. Alas, crappy light = crappy pics, and my computer with Photoshop is currently outta commission. Sigh… Anyway, back to the Vegan Party Platter. It is incredibly easy, delicious, and healthy! I usually use what you see here and pending on my mood, may throw in a few other gems. I always serve a hummus, in this case a sun-dried tomato hummus, veggies, various dipping/spread worthy chips, tapenade or whole olives, roasted red peppers, nuts and dried fruit (in this pic, apricots), a small crock pot with a warm Mexican bean dip (not shown), and cheeses. Now that I’m vegan, I’ve been trying my hand at homemade cheese. The white one in this pic is Miyoko’s Double Chive… amazing! The one on the left is my very own. 🙂 Over the summer, my garden overflows with tomatoes and hot peppers so I usually serve a homemade salsa or pico de gallo right along side some delicious guacamole. I tried making my own tortilla chips this past summer but definitely didn’t enjoy them as much as some of the incredible store bought ones. Oh well! 

For drinks, I always have 3 staples and a 4th that I decide pending on the season, and of course, my mood or the type of gathering being had. I always have a sangria (changing upon the season), a water with fresh sliced lemon and fresh sliced ginger, and a water with fresh mint and fresh sliced strawberries. The waters are uber refreshing and always a crowd pleaser!