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Hey ladies & gents!

Okay, first post in this portion of the blog.  What shall we discuss?!  Well, I’ve been thinking we should chat about my favorite makeup products as well as skincare products.  This is a topic I take pretty seriously!  I want nice skin on a daily basis and when I fast forward and envision myself in the future, I still want that nice skin!  Okay, enough exclamation points, I think we all get the gist.  

When thinking of this post, there is one line from a Beyonce song that keeps popping into my head – “…dip it, pop it, twerk it, stop it, check on me tonight…” This is how I feel about the millions of ways one can now “do” their face – “…contour, highlight, blur it, smudge it, check me out tonight…” Honestly, it’s too much!  I just want to look good and not spend a heck of a lot of time doing it. This being said, let’s start with makeup.  Below are the many products I use.  However, I use the same few every day.  I just happen to have a ton more for the rare occasions that I actually go out on a weekend night and want to glam it up for the hubby and the more vain side of my self-esteem.   I have SO much more of this ‘weekend’ makeup and it is loads more expensive than my day-to-day stuff so you’re probably thinking that I’m a bit deluded about the actuality of my weekend social life.  If this is indeed what you’re thinking, you’d be correct.  I consider it all “for the one day,” which really translates to, “when my baby (lil’ G) is more of a toddler, I have a weekend sitter, and I live back in the US.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining, just sharing with you the realities of my life.  All of which I freakin’ love.  So, without further adieu (have I already passed that point?) I shall begin with MAKEUP: