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I can’t wait until I can shoot all of my photos in natural light!  Every time I look at the photos I shoot at night (most of them) and the ones I get to shoot during the day the difference is tremendous!  As of now, I get home around 4:30-5:00 Monday-Friday and it just isn’t possible.  On the weekends, I try to shoot between 9:30-11:30 (ish) but I don’t always have the time.  I enjoy spending as much of my day with Greyson (the love bug of my life who just turned one!) as possible so this does not always pan out.   Thanks to Sally’s Baking Addition’s advice & Pinch of Yum’s awesome beginning food photography e-book (and literally anyone advising you on the matters of food photography) you should one, never shoot with your flash, and two, always shoot in natural light.  This could not be more true!  However, the latter simply is something I am trying my hardest to find time to do more of.  I’m literally going to start bringing my food into work and shooting during my lunch hour!  Lastly, I desperately wanted to get this blog off the ground so I’ve decided to use some photographs that were taken with my iPhone many moons ago.  Many of theses photos use cool filters through the Hipstomatic app (filters- another food photography no-no) and before I knew virtually anything about the subject of food photography in general.  I think some are kinda cool, but just know everything that I have shot from this blog’s existence forward has been done and will be done with my new Canon T6i and almost always with my fixed 50mm lens (again, highly recommended by all food photographers).   

Do you want to use my picture and/or recipe?  Awesome!  Very thrilled for you to share.  However, please do not use my photo if you are recreating the recipe. Please change the recipe a bit and use your own words and your own picture with an “adapted by” and link to my recipe and photo.  If you want to simply share my recipe and photo please do so with a link back to my recipe/photo.  Many thanks in advance for respecting this.  And hey, thanks for sharing!

Have a great day!