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12 Mexican Inspired Munchies & Meals – Vegetarian & Vegan!

12 Mexican Inspired Munchies & Meals – Vegetarian & Vegan! Has been a post I’ve been meaning to make for ages. Glad I waited since I’ve created a few more faves since then. Honestly, I don’t know one single person who dislikes, scratch that, doesn’t absolutely LOVE Mexican inspired food! It’s an amazing cuisine for veg-heads and vegans alike. If you’re a carb whore like myself, and this food is not your jam, I sit here, flabbergasted. If you are in fact of my ilk, then you’ll love these meals by washing them down with a serious margarita or beer. The first is usually preferred, as beer can put my guaranteed-to-be-stuffed belly over the top in fullness. 

I thought about waiting to post this for Cinco de Mayo but now is a perfect time with the cold coming in. Time to stay at home, have friends over, cook, drink, and eat! Pretty sure this is what I live for (besides my fabulous wee man of course). Click on the recipe name below the pic for the recipe. Let me know your faves in the comment section! 🙂

Recipes in order of pictures: 

Crazy Creamy Mexican Pasta, Holy Sh#% Loaded Nachos!, Lentil & Tofu Breakfast Quesadillas, Amazing Classic Guacamole, Buffalo Cauliflower Bowl, The BEST vegan nacho cheese sauce ever!, Vegetarian Chicken Street Tacos, G’s Arugula White Bean Quesadilla, Mexican Vegan Sushi Rolls, Green Goddess Cheesy Quesadilla, Easy Spinach & Mushroom Cheesy Quesadillas, Vegan & Vegetarian Huevos Rancheros

*Recipes from the archives and many of them on Foodgawker & Food52! 



Creamy & Cheesy Pasta Bake (Vegan)

Creamy & Cheesy Pasta Bake (Vegan) is crazy delicious and easy! Yesterday, I was by myself for about 2 hours, a total rarity in life, and decided to take advantage of this randomly awesome moment and shoot some amazing eats! I drank red wine and danced around the kitchen listening to Billie Holiday. I truly did this. And, it felt sublimely amazing. “You Go to My Head” is one of my all time favorite tunes. I put it on repeat. 😉 I need more of these moments in life for sure! Not to say I don’t love my little guy to the freakin’ moon, but mama needs a break sometimes, too. Some me time. So, yesterday was suh-weet!

This recipe uses an arrabiata sauce (homemade recipe coming soon), and creamy vegan cheese sauce. You can buy a creamy vegan cheese OR you can make it yourself. If you’re looking for a recipe, I used mine from my Creamy Vegan Mac n’ Cheese recipe. I used Lisanatti Almond Mozzarella Cheese and shredded it for the top of the pasta bake. This is a simple but incredibly flavorful recipe!

Side Note: Upon reheating, I put the pasta in a sauce pan on medium, added a Tbl of Tofutti Cream Cheese, dash of garlic powder, flick of the wrist of olive oil, and crisped that baby up! A pasta that actually tasted just as good, if not better, reheated! One for the win! Mangia, my friends. 😉 








































































Creamy & Cheesy Pasta Bake (Vegan)
Creamy & Cheesy Pasta Bake (Vegan) is delicious, easy, quick, and healthy! What's not to love? Chow down with some pasta eats. Great for a nice soiree with friends and family. Enjoy!
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
35 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
35 min
  1. 1 lb whole wheat spaghetti
  2. Approximately 24 oz arrabiata sauce (can sub out for marinara) - a garlicky option is best
  3. Approximately 24 oz creamy vegan cheese (I used my recipe from my vegan mac n' cheese)
  4. Approximately 1 C shredded vegan mozzarella (I used Lisanatti)
  5. Fresh basil to taste (chopped) and for garnish
  1. Boil pasta and preheat oven to 350f
  2. On the bottom of an oven safe pan, smear both sauces and add spaghetti
  3. Top spaghetti with both sauces
  4. Continue this pattern until pasta has run out
  5. Top the pasta with more sauce, shredded vegan mozzarella, and fresh chopped basil
  6. Cover pasta with aluminum foil for 25 minutes. Remove foil for the last 5 minutes
  7. Enjoy!
Pair with
  1. Sangiovese
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In the Garden with Greyson

It’s fall and my garden is dying. Being in NY for 6 days last week definitely put the wilt in full gear. I’m salvaging what’s left! Greyson’s new love is to play in the back of the garden, which he calls his “digging site.” It’s freakin’ adorable! He wore my wireless headphones today because he said it’s what construction workers wear. Then he pours water on his rubber ball in hopes that he’s helping it grow. I can’t with the cute factor! I made an AMAZING vegan pasta bake today that I will post tomorrow. When it was cooling off, G-dog and I hit up the garden for good times and some salvation. Sorry for the obscene amount of pictures, but what can I say? I used my most favorite subject today! For that, I kinda renege on my ‘sorry’. 😉 

I would LOVE for people to post pics in my comment section of what their veggie gardens currently look like! I didn’t plant for fall. Regret city. I’ve got some garlic growing that I planted way too late and hoping it makes it all the way up before a wintery death. I wanted to plant it because garlic looks super cool when grown! You’ll see pics of it rising from the ground next to the fence.

Love my garden, love my lil’ guy, and had an incredible and incredibly warm/beautiful Oregon day today. Thankful to be outta the smog of Beijing and in the the clear skies of Portland. Come back tomorrow for my pasta bake post! Alright, it’s cocktail time. Until tomorrow! 

PS- Any other bloggers use WordPress? If so, my color editing neeevvveerrr comes through on my pictures when posted on my blog – only filters work. Major disappointment! How can I fix this? Help puh-lease!!! -FGG



A Series of Poems on Motherhood

Dear Moms (and Dads),

Here is a snippet from my upcoming book, “One More Sip of Whine.” It is 5 different styles of poems – mostly humorous. #3 is my particular fave. I have no doubt that you can relate! Parenthood is the craziest hood you’ll ever roll through. My goal was to express that in 5 short poems. I’d love your opinions before the editing of the book is completed so please leave comments! Enjoy the read!

Some Mothering Poems to You, From Me


 1- Roses Are Black


Roses are red, violets are blue,

Someone took over your life that was you.

Roses are red, violets are blue,

Your days are now filled with pee pee and poo.

Roses are black, violets are dead,

Deep down you must know you are out of your head.


 2- A Haiku of Truth


Like thunder, their roar

Rain, your tears that start to pour

Scream, shriek, more, more, MORE!


3- A Tangled Slew of Rhyming Words


Shitting, pissing, screaming, unfit

Mommy shouting daddy “fuck it!”

Penis, ‘gina, keep your hands off!

Headaches, hormones, “need a wet cloth!”

Dolls that make shit tons of noise,

Oops! Mom broke those talking toys!

What the fuck was one and done?

I should’ve said “boy run or none!”

Thomas, Blippi, Tayo, Poli,

Oops!  Mom ‘broke’ the fucking TV!

I want, I want, I want, MOMMY!

I give, I give, MY SANITY!

Hitter, biter, licker, kicker

Bruises, scratches, ice packs, LIQUOR!

Try to cook and then relax,

Mama needs her pills, XANAX!

Knock it over, pick it up!

Someone needs a bigger cup!

Tissues, boogers, burps, and farts,

Legos missing favorite parts,

Bath/story/bedtime blues,

Redundancy turns into booze,

I do not want green eggs and ham!

Shove it, be a fuckin’ man!

Brush your own teeth! Go to bed!

Where is my mind, I’ve lost my head…


4- A Cozy Couplet


Baby brewing in the womb

Sanity is leaving soon


5- Acrostic Poem for Dummies


Brainless act in Shanghai

Aspire for perfection – fail and sigh

Body shaming boobies – Buh-bye!

Your youth is gone – a new one – arise

*Found on Google images via PopSugar @

*Found on Google images via PopSugar @


5 Easy & Delicious Vegan Asian Inspired Meals

5 Easy & Delicious Vegan Asian Inspired Meals is a compilation of recipes from my blog that I totally love! Going vegan from veg-head a few months ago has been amazing for me. I have loads of energy (pumpin’ my B12’s of course) and a lot less belly bloat. I remember, many moons ago, this being the case when I was vegan for 2 years. Asian food is a fabulous foundation for vegans because there is rarely any dairy (Indian food aside and sans meat of course) involved. So many flavors and veggies to play around and experiment with. I often do ‘inspired’ meals. For example, my Mexican Sushi Rolls. I am definitely not a ‘by the book’ kind of gal. I like to mix it up and use whatever ingredients are in my fridge. When you read my recipes, I encourage you to take your own creative license with them as well. 

Get some chopsticks out, prepare to make yourself a hot and saucy mess, get together with friends, chow down with the fam, drink well, chat well, eat well, and appreciate the amazing conversations and moments that come from the kitchen to the table. Life is short. A recent and heavy loss reminded me of this, and she lived a beautiful 93 years. I’ll always have our family meals… politics, humor, tales from the times etc. In many Asian cultures, food is a time to be together. Click on the light green title of the recipe below the pic for the link to the recipe, and serve up your own good times and traditions… let the memories begin!

RIP, grandma. You’re my woman amongst all women. I’ll carry you with me forever and always. XOXO