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About Me

Hi there! My name is Heather. I’m a vegetarian turned vegan so you’ll still see some older vegetarian recipes on this blog! I am the oldest of six, a music teacher, proud mama, wife, recipe developer, aspiring food photographer, and an ex-expat. I lived in Beijing, China for 5 years.  Did I ever think I’d live in Asia? No.  Did I ever think I’d have a food blog and have a ridiculous obsession with photographing food? No. Did I ever think I’d meet and marry a Scottish man in China and give birth to an amazing little dude in Beijing? No.  Am I so pumped to be doing all of it? Heck yes!  

I love writing, especially about things I think are awesome. This blog should reflect just that.  I’m going to promise my readers new recipes and fun posts every week.  Eventually, it will be my goal to post on a daily basis for you. My food PHILOSOPHY is this: clean out your fridge and waste nothing. This is how I cook. I’ve never written down any of my recipes before and this is why and how this blog was born. Most of what I concoct has been inspired by this philosophy. “Like the mind, food is a terrible thing to waste!” – FGG

Since I graduated college I have lived briefly in Texas, North Carolina, California, back to NY (my home), and stayed a bit longer in Oregon, China, and now back to Oregon (FINALLY)! I’ve had the most amazing opportunities to travel around Asia and Europe whilst living in Beijing. My stories and food will reflect my life’s travels. I hope you enjoy this new chapter of mine and all that follow.  Thanks so much for stopping by!



Hello food lovers, bloggers, and fellow veg-heads!

I am a vegetarian food blogger who is just skimming the surface of how this blog stuff functions and am learning the ins and outs of food photography. I am an elementary music teacher at an international school, a new mom, a wife, and an expat. I live in Beijing, China and have been living the craziest and wildest adventures for over four years now. This is my fifth and final year here and then off to Oregon (though I’m a native New Yorker). I’ve decided that during my last year in Asia I want to finally get this blog going, chronicle my last year of travels, and become an amateur food photographer. Though I have no formal training as a cook or a chef, it is a hobby that I have had for about 15 years now. It really blossomed when I lived in OR and spent many a day cooking with my fabulous vegan friend, April. We’d drink wine, listen to loads of music (back then we were really into Feist & Rodrigo y Gabriela), create food and cocktails, and cook for all of our friends. More about that in future posts on the fantastic reflections and recollections of my life (there are many). My BS is in Classical Piano Performance and my Med is in Music Education. Thus far, creating this blog with the very little experience and understanding of the deep and inner workings of this blog-o-sphere world has been my most challenging education yet! I rarely use recipes when I cook and my philosophy is to never waste food, therefore I am often concocting dishes from what is left in my fridge. I wanted to finally write down my creations and actually be able to give people a solid recipe when they’d ask me for one of my dishes that didn’t sound like “oh you know, a little of this, a pinch of that” etc. So, I shall leave you with this… Expect some awesomely weird, fun, and ridiculous posts. I hope you both enjoy and join me on this blogging adventure!