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Thanksgiving Nachos!

So, I have LOADS of leftover stuffing, meatloaf, Tofurkey Roast, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Like all y’all, I didn’t really want to go old school and make ‘garbage bin’ style sandbos with all of the leftovers – been there, done that. After wondering what else I could do with this smorgasbord of food, I had an “a-ha!” moment. Everything tastes super and insanely good when baked over tortilla chips. I added some nooch and some Daiya cheddar, heated the oven, and was left with an orgasmic, mouth melting, tongue drooling plate of Thanksgiving Nachos. Everything was vegan and gluten free with the exception of the Tofurkey, too! We pretty much killed it in the food department this year for T-day. Crazy amounts of good wine, good food, and superb people. I loved hosting my fam, going wine tasting, bowling, shopping, restaurant-ing, and garage-game-playing for the week they were here. I miss them already! Here’s to hoping for version 1.3 for 2018’s T-day!