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Simple & Quick Vegan Breakfast Toasts with Sausage

Simple & Quick Vegan Breakfast Toasts with Sausage is healthy and delicious. Hummus, avocado, cream cheese, cilantro and sausage. I eat this any morning that I have all of the ingredients in my fridge. It’s done in 5 minutes, and because I won’t wake my tired ass up any earlier than I already do, this is the perfect remedy for fullness, healthfulness, and happiness. Not only that, my 3 year old will totally get down with this deliciousness as well. Fabulous start to both of our way-too-early mornings! 

I obviously have a total love affair with food; hence this blog. Just because something wasn’t sweated over upon a stovetop or involved loads of hard work definitely does not mean that it wasn’t healthy and delish. I’m posting this because it’s something I eat often and I love to eat. It’s easy, super fast, and crazy healthy. Something to be said for simplicity, folks. I promise to keep those KISS meals in my blog! 

For this, I used Trader Joe’s Tuscan Pumpernickel Bread because it’s insanely delicious. I toasted that and then smeared Tofutti Cream Cheese on it. Over that I smashed some avocado, and then topped it with a roasted red pepper hummus (recipe coming soon). I had cilantro laying around so I threw some on top. Cilantro on almost anything, really. I used TJ’s Italian Sausage-Less Sausages and chopped that up on the side. I had some incredible espresso and made that in my Bialetti. Voila! A breakfast star was born. What are my fellow vegan/veg-head friends putting on their morning toasts? Send pics in my comment section!

Simple & Quick Vegan Breakfast Toasts with SausageSimple & Quick Vegan Breakfast Toasts with Sausage