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Mexican Vegan Sushi Rolls!

Mexican Vegan Sushi Rolls! are so incredibly healthy, easy, and delicious. I wanted to do something unique with my nori rolls so I looked at what I had to get rid of in my fridge, and this idea rolled (hehe) right into my head. I had whipped up some fire roasted hot sauce last week with my various hot peppers that are pouring out of my garden. I smothered the inside (and out) with it. Of course, using store bought hot sauce will be just as amazing. From there, I added my sushi rice, and everything else from the recipe card below…

Everyone always assumes that I don’t eat sushi because I’m veg. Sushi is an awesome veggie or vegan food! You can put absolutely anything in it.  The weirder the rolls, the better. At least in my humble opinion. 😉 Carrots, cucumbers, and avocado. That is primarily the “it” veggie sushi roll. Screw that! Shove some buffalo patties, chives, and pinto beans in there! Why not use tofu or tempeh? Go Italian style with some amazing Tofurky Sun-dried tomato/basil sausages and more. Go Greek with olives, tomato, and hummus, think of throwing some kind of veggie patty or a falafel in there! There’s no end to what you can roll into your nori. Obviously, swishing it down with some hot saki is highly recommended, or even encouraged. I live near a saki factory where you can go and taste the amazing flavors that sakis have to offer. Pretty dope! If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m in love with living in Oregon again. Five years in China and I’m extra freakin’ in love with this orgasmic place! I get asked all the time why in the world I don’t live in New York (my home state), and I have one answer: The Pacific Northwest rocks!

Mexican Vegan Sushi Rolls! should be on your list of things to make this week. In addition to some cocktails, Halloween decorations, jack-o’-laterns, and costumes of course. 😉 Eat up and enjoy!

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Mexican Vegan Sushi Rolls!
Yields 4
Mexican Vegan Sushi Rolls! are incredibly healthy, easy, and delicious! Get creative with your nori rolls and dive into a vegan flavor explosion in the form of sushi!
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
25 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
25 min
  1. 4 Nori wraps
  2. 3/4 C cooked sushi rice
  3. 1 vegan buffalo chicken patty (I use Boca) cut into strips
  4. 1 slice vegan cheese (I used Field Roast Chao - Tomato Cayenne) cut into strips
  5. A handful of chives cut in half
  6. 8 slices of cucumber
  7. 8 slices of carrot
  8. Optional: avocado slices (recommended) & cilantro to taste
  9. Pinto beans to taste (I dived 3/4 of a can)
  10. Hot sauce for inside and out - to taste
  11. Optional: Everything bagel seasoning for a garnish (I used Everything But The Bagel from Trader Joe's)
  1. Top each sushi roll with rice (split evenly among all 4 rolls)
  2. Add hot sauce on each roll (to your taste)
  3. Add beans
  4. Add cheese and buffalo patty
  5. Add carrots and cucumbers
  6. If using, add avocado and cilantro now
  7. Add chives
  8. Roll them up and lightly rub with water then sprinkle with everything seasoning
  9. Garnish with hot sauce
  1. Feel free to squeeze a fresh lime over those rolls!
Pair with
  1. Hot saki OR Hefeweizen, Witbier, American Ales
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