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Robert Moses Sandwich (Eggplant Feta Mediterranean Sandbo)

Robert Moses Sandwich (Eggplant Feta Mediterranean Sandbo) is a sandwich from my childhood. Therefore, this will be one of my more poetic posts.  If you’re from LI or the greater LI, NY area you are already familiar with summers at the beach… Robert Moses was my every weekend.  An amazing Long Island beach that from an aerial view could be hard to see the sand, as it was packed to the brim with bodies & umbrellas.  People having picnics and playing paddle ball, body surfing, boogie boarding, reading magazines, and listening to classics on the radio, all whilst under a sea of umbrellas…everyone there for the same reason, enjoying the same sun, sand, and sea.  To sum it up, it was AMAZING!  Coconut ice cream bars from the vendors strolling along the beach and for those who could imbibe, cocktails masked in coolers poured into a classic Solo cup.  Does life get better than this?  Truly, I think not.  If yours does, please share because I want to know your secrets! I digress, this is where Robert Moses Sandwich (Eggplant Feta Mediterranean Sandbo) was born. My mother would pack the “herd” loads of food for the day.  We were always going strong in the number department!  At this point, 4 children plus friends made for an even better beach day. My mom always made these amazing sandwiches.  They were made “special” just for the beach. They were delicious to begin with, but I am more than sure this only helped to make them taste even more scrumptious! Eggplant cooked with oregano, feta, tomato, red onion, spinach, fresh basil, and a fresh baked baguette- simple, easy, and amazing! I’ve taken some liberties with my mother’s sandwich but that’s only because I cannot remember it in its true form.  In Beijing, I am most definitely not having beach weekends, however, in the Spring season, when pollution allows, Chaoyang Park is pumpin’ and we are a’ picnickin’! Robert Moses Sandwich (Eggplant Feta Mediterranean Sandbo) was our last bite of delish at the park. Sharing my childhood tastes and memories with you… 
Robert Moses Sandwich (Eggplant Feta Mediterranean Sandbo)Robert Moses Sandwich (Eggplant Feta Mediterranean Sandbo)Robert Moses Sandwich (Eggplant Feta Mediterranean Sandbo)









































Robert Moses Sandwich (Eggplant Feta Mediterranean Sandbo)
Serves 2
Robert Moses Sandwich (Eggplant Feta Mediterranean Sandbo) is comprised of eggplant, feta, tomatoes, spinach, fresh basil, red onion, and herbs. Great beach grub!
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Total Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 1 medium sized baguette (fresh bakery style is best)
  2. 1 handful of spinach
  3. 1/4 C chopped fresh basil
  4. 1/2 small red onion (I keep them in rings)
  5. 1 small ripe tomato-sliced
  6. 1 small eggplant-sliced
  7. Feta cheese - to taste (I like a fair amount)!
  8. 1 tsp lemon (1 slice) or lemon juice (optional)
  9. Oregano to taste
  10. Salt & pepper to taste
  11. Olive for pan & for brushing on the baguette
  1. Cook your eggplant with lemon (optional), salt, pepper, and oregano for about 3-5 minutes depending on the thickness
  2. Slice open baguette and brush each side with olive oil. Sprinkle on salt/pepper, and more oregano if you desire (I do)!
  3. Place the feta, onion, and basil on the bottom. Next, top with tomato, eggplant, and then spinach
  1. Beer pairing: (In your beach cup of course)!
  2. Cold Amber or ESB
Wine Pairing
  1. Sauvignon blanc OR Chardonnay will both do here!
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