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Okay, this past Chinese New Year I had the absolute pleasure of going to Amsterdam and spending a night and day in Warsaw, Poland.  Amazing!  That one word sums it up perfectly.  We rented an Airbnb in what appeared to be China Town (I know, I know… we just left Beijing – haha) and a couple blocks from the Red Light district.  We were overlooking a canal which was fabulous for the wee man, as he is currently obsessed with ducks & water.  He spent 75% of his time at the kitchen window screaming “gaga! wawa!”  Easily entertained. Done. Walking around the city was probably my favorite part!  The architecture was amazing.  We did a canal boat tour (I officially want to live on a house boat, the canals were lined with them), palace tour, Van Gogh Museum (almost positive G recognized two of the paintings from Baby Einstein World of Colors-incredible), I saw (by myself…ahhh) a concert at the Concert Gebouw (the guest pianist played my favorite Chopin Prelude as his encore, yes, I almost cried), and ate, ate, ate, and ate copious amounts cheese, bread, croissants, and stroopwafels.  I also started every morning with a million gazillion cappuccinos, which were accompanied by both croissants & stroopwafels (two thin waffles that sandwich the perfect amount of caramel with a slight cinnamon flavor – holy yum! I brought back about 5 bags). Thomas’ (hubby) mom partook with me.  I fully overloaded on beemster & a variety of other gouda cheeses.  Naturally, they were washed down with the assistance of some incredible beers and vino.  I need to stop now before I find myself booking the next flight out.  The drooling is just beginning… Anyway, if you ever, ever, ever get the chance to go, do it!  Perhaps my pictures will entice you…

Amsterdam (canals, apple pies, tulips…oh my!)/Windmills (45 minute bus ride from the city)/Warsaw (Old City)


View from our Airbnb balcony

View from our Airbnb balcony



Hubbie & wee man (G)

Hubby & wee man, G

Beautiful Windmills

Beautiful Windmills


Cheese shop in this little village. Yum...

Cheese shop in this little village. Yum…

And the beer...

And the beer…

And the food...

And the food…


Old City, Warsaw, Poland

Old City, Warsaw, Poland

Beautiful architecture as well!

Beautiful architecture as well!

It would've been sacrilege to go and not have my favorite - perogies!

It would’ve been sacrilege to go and not have my favorite – perogies!


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