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Guilin, China Vacation, September, 2015

Guilin, China was such an amazing decision for our Mid-Autumn Festival holiday this past September.  The weather was warm, it was easy with our little man who was just 10 1/2 months, and there was loads to both do and see.  We decided before we left to hire a private tour guide for two days (was fairly inexpensive).  This was necessary for us because we needed a good driver with an excellent reputation with foreigners, as there was no way in hell I was putting lil’ G in a car otherwise.  If you’ve been pretty much anywhere in China you will understand this.  Let’s just say I can’t even take him in a taxi in Beijing because 98% of them don’t have seat belts and I can’t put his baby seat in. Crazy! I digress, this trip was awesome!  We went on a beautiful night river cruise, a long day Li River cruise to Yangshuo (big boat), toured the walking street and the area around our hotel (Lijiang Waterfall Hotel-great) daily, went to these amazing caves, and so much more.  As a vegetarian, there was an incredible restaurant that surprisingly was part of a hostel, it took me 3 visits to figure this out!  Haha.  If you’re looking for an area of China that is not a huge & major city this should definitely be on your list! Leave me a comment if you want to know more about what to do, where to stay, or where the pictures are from. Please enjoy!

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