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Holy Enchiladas!

This awesome vegetarian enchilada dish was inspired by Martha Stewart’s recipe.  My husband never knows what to cook for me. He wants to do it all of the time but I am a stickler for flavor (usually I want loads of flavor or no thank you!), and I don’t want to have to recite an entire recipe with specific instructions.  That would ruin the idea of someone cooking for me, hubby agrees. He desperately wanted to make something for my bday two years ago.  I figured, Mexican is almost fool proof and I freakin’ love it any time of day. It’s one of the few foods that I simply can’t get sick of.  So, Scotland (my hubby is Scottish), let’s call him, in his fear and trepidation took to the internet to find me some vegetarian Mexican good eats.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about what the after math would bring.  Would I be swallowing ‘said dish’ with a smile on the outside and wanting to spew on the inside?  I knew however it turned out I’d have to “like” it… a lot. Really, I was just so pleased that he wanted to do this for me. This said, it was awesome!  I was beyond super impressed and giving silent praise to Martha for all of her wisdom passed on via internet to hubby. Phew… the smile and enthusiasm for the enchiladas were very real and I’ve requested them many times since. Today, he has really become quite a good cook and is always looking for new recipes to add to his repertoire.  Get yourself ready for a taste explosion in the form of “Holy Enchiladas!”  You will NOT be disappointed!

Holy Enchiladas!
Yields 8
Holy Enchiladas! are an amazing, flavorful, and easy to make Mexican enchilada recipe. Great for beginners or anyone looking for a great vegetarian enchilada.
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Prep Time
25 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
45 min
Prep Time
25 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
45 min
  1. 8 tortillas (I use 8" corn tortillas)
  2. 1 small onion - diced
  3. 10 oz corn kernals
  4. 5 oz black olives
  5. 10 oz frozen spinach (thawed & strained)
  6. 1 can black beans
  7. 1 C shredded pepper jack cheese
  8. 2 C shredded sharp white cheddar cheese
  9. Salt & pepper to taste
  10. 1 tsp of taco seasoning (optional)
  11. 2-3 tsp cumin
  12. 3 Tbl olive oil
  13. 1/4 C flour
  14. 1/4 C tomato paste
  15. 3/4 C water
  16. 1 can veggie broth (use a good broth)
  17. 4 scallions - diced
For the mole sauce
  1. Heat 2 Tbl olive oil in pan. Add 1 teaspoon of the cumin, flour, and tomato paste - mix well for about 1 minute
  2. Add vegetable broth, 3/4 cup water, and boil
  3. Reduce to a simmer and then cook until the sauce is slightly thickened (about 5-10 minutes)
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste
For the filling
  1. First, start preheating the oven at 400 degrees
  2. In a pan, quickly cook the onion for about 3-5 minutes
  3. In a bowl add: 1 cup of each cheese (2 cups total), black beans, olives, spinach, corn, cooked onion, 1/4 of the scallions, taco seasoning if using, and the remaining 1 teaspoon cumin
  4. Add salt & pepper to taste
To assemble
  1. With the remaining 1 Tbl of olive oil, brush oil onto two 8-inch baking pans
  2. Evenly divide the ingredients from the bowl into each tortilla. Roll up and face the overlapping part of the tortillas on the bottom of the pan
  3. Sprinkle the last cup of cheese and smother in your delicious mole sauce
  4. Bake for about 15-20 minutes]
  5. When serving, garnish with scallions
  1. Serve with a cold Mexican beer or a delicious margarita!
Adapted from Martha Stewart
Adapted from Martha Stewart
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Makeup, Makeup, Make Me Up!

Makeup | January 22, 2016 | By

Hey ladies & gents!

Okay, first post in this portion of the blog.  What shall we discuss?!  Well, I’ve been thinking we should chat about my favorite makeup products as well as skincare products.  This is a topic I take pretty seriously!  I want nice skin on a daily basis and when I fast forward and envision myself in the future, I still want that nice skin!  Okay, enough exclamation points, I think we all get the gist.  

When thinking of this post, there is one line from a Beyonce song that keeps popping into my head – “…dip it, pop it, twerk it, stop it, check on me tonight…” This is how I feel about the millions of ways one can now “do” their face – “…contour, highlight, blur it, smudge it, check me out tonight…” Honestly, it’s too much!  I just want to look good and not spend a heck of a lot of time doing it. This being said, let’s start with makeup.  Below are the many products I use.  However, I use the same few every day.  I just happen to have a ton more for the rare occasions that I actually go out on a weekend night and want to glam it up for the hubby and the more vain side of my self-esteem.   I have SO much more of this ‘weekend’ makeup and it is loads more expensive than my day-to-day stuff so you’re probably thinking that I’m a bit deluded about the actuality of my weekend social life. If this is indeed what you’re thinking, you’d be correct.  I consider it all “for the one day,” which really translates to, “when my baby (lil’ G) is more of a toddler, I have a weekend sitter, and I live back in the US.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining, just sharing with you the realities of my life.  All of which I freakin’ love.  So, without further adieu (have I already passed that point?) I shall begin with MAKEUP & BODY STUFF. PS- If you want to know more about the specific products, ask me! Let’s start a conversation!

The pictures are as follows:

Body/Hand/Feet lotions that I use daily.  I love Palmers! And the smell, c’mon now!

Face Wash & Exfoliators that I use daily. Yes to Tomatoes OR Yes to Cucumbers (I prefer the Tomato), St. Ives Oatmeal Scrub & Mask (I use as a scrub, however, I use a different and random facial mask every Wednesday), Keyano Aromatics Lavender Scrub (purchased at a spa on Long Island). 

Lipsticks that I use daily or weekly.  From left to right: Banila, Rimmel, L’Oreal (I often combine the last two)

Perfumes & Lip Stuff I use daily/weekly. Fendi (L’acquarossa), Michael Kors (Eau de Parfum), Prada (Candy), Lip Smackers Celestial Strawberry (because I still wanna be a kid), Rosebud lips in Strawberry (best strawberry scented lip stuff ever), EOS in mint, IT lipgloss

Facial Products that I use daily. Retin-A (tretinoin) -in my opinion, there is NOTHING better to bust wrinkles than this.  You need a prescription though. I use it every night after my lotion (about 30 minutes to an hour later) which is Alba Botanica Hawaiian Jasmine & Vitamin E. I use the Alba after I use my HA- hyarulonic acid serum.  Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle Cream w/ SPF & Retinol (for day) OR Oil of Olay 7.  During the day for under my eyes I use Clarins Extra-Firming Eye Lift.  Clearly, I’m trying to stave off Botox etc for as long as possible!

Makeup I use in the rare event that I am actually going out. Urban Decay Naked Palette 2, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue (or everyday), L’Oreal Magic BB cream (or everyday-I rotate these every few months), Cover Girl loose powder, CG Tru Magic the Sun Kisser bronzer, Benefit (highbeam – amazing!), Benefit Bene-tint (lips & cheeks), Benefit Hervana Blush.

Makeup I wear everyday. The highlighter was mistakenly photographed in this photo.  I don’t wear it everyday.  It should be in the section above but I for some reason shot it in this group (IT highlighter). The rest I DO use everyday: Garnier BB Cream (I rotate with the ones above) – I use this with my amazing Bare Minerals makeup brush, Maybelline Great Lash in very black with a curved wand (wand is essential for me), Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush, lastly, an eyebrow filler.  I bought this in China.


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