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If I could I would style me pretty like this… ideas anyone?

If I could, I most definitely would, style myself pretty like the following outfits below. One, I’d be beyond pleased with myself if I looked that incredible.  I’m pretty sure there are not enough Jillian Michael exercises per week to make me that svelte.  I suppose if I was willing to move past her 30 Day Shred Level One and do it more than 4 days/week I’d at least have a bit of chance to perhaps, or just maybe, get my rear in gear to start the road to looking that fit, but alas, this is all the time and willingness I have in these bones, and I’m currently thrilled with myself for losing 2 lbs a month. How’s that for a sentence?! Onto point two, if I did have the moola, I would most definitely be purchasing my most favorite designers incredible pieces of art.  I am pretty sure I would feel like a million, bazillion dollars, and could quite possibly become the most confident woman on earth.  So you’re thinking “dang, she’s vain!” right? Well, not entirely, people.  I mean who wouldn’t feel incredible in such expensive works of glory that fit you like they were made for you whilst embodying the coolest of the fashion world that one could offer?  Who could resist feeling so fabulous?!  If you can, well, I’m impressed, and I guess, that would make me more vain than you. Lastly, I am totally one for going to the thrift store to scope out some unique and awesome finds.  I love to put them together and feel fairly proud of it. Still, no matter how skilled you are, I believe finding what you see below is challenging at best. Click on the picture to bring you to the links of the blogs where I found the articles of clothing via Pinterest.  What are your thoughts?  Anyone have any amazing suggestions on how to dress to impress for less?  Sorry, had to say it!  But really, anyone? Ideas? Please share! -Heather

Black & White Bikini

Most amazing black & tight outfit to make head turns!

Awesome brown dress with black leather jacket

Fabulous casual attire with brown leather jacket & great purse

Oh, Valentino!


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